Sliding collapsable security gate specification

Gate components

Lattice Bars

The gates lattice bars are made from 2.5mm steel allows the gate to operate correctly, size 15mm x 5mm. Able folding security gates are ideal for use on both windows and doors.


The front and back U Channel are made from steel at 2.5mm thick, which the lattice bar runs between, size 16mm x 10mm

Concave Wheel

The gate runs on the concave wheel, the wheel is fitted with a rubber insert for smooth and quite operation, the concave wheel fits the bottom track perfectly to provide a perfect fit when in use, size 47mm x 18mm.

Gate Track

The top and bottom tracks are designed in such a way that the gate can not be pulled or pushed out by any unwanted visitor, size 40mm x 30mm x 2.5mm thick. note: also see lift up tracks for doorways.
 Colours Standard colours are white, other BS or RAL powder coated colours available on application.

Lift Up Tracks

The collapsAble gate locks are manufactured to the highest standard possible, a barrel key lock, supplied with two keys per lock. We recommend that gates over the height of 2meters are supplied with an additional lock to maintain the security of the gate. If more than one lock is required or there are is more than one gate to be installed in one area/application, the locks can be ordered “keyed alike” this option allows the customer to open a number of gates with just one key.
 Bunching/Folding Lift up tracks are made from the same material as our standard tracks, the lift up track is ideal for use on a doorway gate. The track is mounted on an hinge to allow the operator to lift the track up when the gate is in the open position, the track clips back to the gate, this prevents anyone tripping or falling over the track.
 Guarantee The gates are available in two folding options:

  1. A pair or two part means that gates will meet in the middle of the opening and lock together.
  2. Left hand stacking or left hand single gate. The gate will unlock on the right hand side of the opening and slide all the way to the left hand side, alternatively the gate can be made to be right hand stacking or right hand single gate.

When the gate is opened, it will bunch to 15% of the total opening size, e.g. a 2 meter wide single gate will bunch to 300mm, but a pair or two part gate covering a 2 meter opening would bunch to only 150mm each side when open.

All Able Shutter Services Limited products carry a standard 12 month warranty on parts and labor.
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